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Mickey - be om pristilbud

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RBM Mickey

RBM Mickey is the perfect seat for those looking for a more active approach to work.

The seat swivels and swings from side to side and has a height adjustment that goes from a low pouffe to a seat. This provides support during standing work, but can serve different needs – either quick conferences for several people or sitting at a desk with someone for a while.

Secondly, thanks to a special handle, the seat can be easily moved, rearranged and height adjusted all at the same time. RBM Mickey can be ordered in pastel or more expressive upholstery colours in combination with neutral plastic colours.

The RBM Mickey is developed in line with human factor considerations and can be used for active deskwork, both seated and standing. It also follows your position flawlessly with a built-in 10-degree tilt to either side. These changes of position during work provide active seating support.

Design by: ITO Design

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