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Ellie Pro - be om pristilbud

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RBM ElliePro

RBM ElliePro collection stands out, for outstanding spaces.

These chairs combine the comfort of an armchair with the ergonomics and functionality of office furniture. Their curved lines create a cosy atmosphere wherever they are, helping soften the hard lines around an office.

Due to the self-intuitive regulation mechanism, discreetly incorporated into the seat, the chair may be quickly and easily adapted to individual needs. A wide choice of bases and upholstery colours make it easy to match any interior design – be it a creative or a classic one.

The four-star aluminium base comes as a perfect solution for modern conference rooms, and the black or light grey five-star plastic base is a universal proposal for open-plan offices. The metal wire frame will look great in a study, and the wooden leg option is especially attractive in hotel or lounge spaces.

Design by: ITO Design

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