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RBM Chic

RBM Chic is simple sophistication, a classic design.

A collection of chairs that use subtle profiles and soft lines to give the visual effect of lightness, RBM Chic is compact, simple and classic in form. The collection offers chairs with thin metal frames, wooden legs or a four-star base, as well as armchair and swivel options, in seven variations.

RBM Chic is designed especially for cafés, restaurant spaces, waiting rooms and hotel lobbies. The armchair option lends itself to relaxation zones in hotels, guesthouses, lobbies and offices. It has a characteristic low-seated shape compared to other designs in its arena. Reclining shells and comfortable foams welcome users to enjoy less-formal meetings.

When mounted on a swivel base, RBM Chic is equipped with an auto-return function, making it ideal for areas that need to be kept neat and orderly.

Design by: Christophe Pillet

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